Sunday, May 25, 2014

Done!! - More or less...

What might have been overheard in the chicken yard this afternoon...
Dovey: "Whoa!  Whoa!!  Hey, Esther look!!
Esther: "At what?  Do you have another worm?"
Dovey:  "No, you silly goose!  Look!!"
Esther: "I'm NOT a goose! What are you talking about?
Dovey: "The coop!! LOOK!!"
Esther:  "Whoa!!  What happened!?!  Wait... what?"
Dovey: "This is weird!!  Last nite when we went to bed the coop was wood, now its red!!  It's freakin' me out!!"
Henry: (running panicked circles around the yard)  "It's Chick-Fil-A, man!! We've been marked!! We're doomed!!:"
Aurora: (resigned to doom)  "Well, it could be worse."
Henry:  "How could it possible be worse?"
Aurora:  "There could be a big, yellow 'M' on the wall!"
All 15:  "Aaaahhhhh!!! That's 1000 times worse!!"
Wilma:  "No, no, wait! We're layers, remember?  I think we're safe!"
Houdini: "Yeah, yeah. That right! Layers! We're layers!
Dovey:  "Ok, but it's still weirding me out!"
Esther:  "Hey, look! A chicken!"
Fred: "Esther... C'mon, really?"

Well, maybe it wasn't quite like that, but you get the idea.  This was a busy weekend, so far.  Between Friday and Saturday we put 100 feet of 6 foot tall fence around the yard and added a "people" gate.  We also started spraying paint on.  After Church today, I finished painting and De got out the white paint and worked up the trim around the door, window, and access to the laying boxes.  When the paint was sufficiently dry I let the birds out.  There was pushing and shoving at the pop-hole so I guess they were ready.

It any case their coop has come along way!  I've got a pic from before I started work after we dragged it in place, and one taken just today from a similar angle. Nice to see it done and ready to go.

Next up:  The garden, paint the bar, add more fence and a gate to the chicken yard.


  1. I really enjoyed our weekend project and love the results! Next up the barn...or the garden...or....;-)


  2. Zyla looks disappointed that she can't play with the chickens. ;)

  3. Mandy - She will sit for 20 minutes at a time just watching the chickens. After a couple of scoldings for chasing she no longer does that, but her fascination as the days and weeks go on seems to be absolutely unabated.