Friday, May 16, 2014

Tomorrow is the day!

With Chicken Veranda with Grand Boardwalk all ready to go
Tomorrow is the day!  I'll go fetch the chickens tomorrow afternoon. The broken glass has been replaced, the door hardware is all in, all the tools and trash have been cleared out of the inside, the Chicken Veranda is in and the Grand Boardwalk (some of might call it a 'ramp") is ready to go!  A week of rain and drizzle has slowed the progress, but I'm still getting it done just in time.  My lawn is suitable for grazing (25 years ago it was a pasture for polled Herefords.), so I better get the mower deck on too.

I don't believe I'm going to get the inside whitewashed right away, but I have everything I need to do it.  I have wood chips, and a feeder and waterer to put in early tomorrow afternoon.  Rural King has barn paint on sale, so I'll get some of that tomorrow, too.  Fencing is next, I'll probably start that this weekend, too.

The grandkids are here this weekend, and they are very excited.  The last time they saw the birds they were still mostly covered in down.  To tell you the truth I'm excited too.  They'll be lots of photos of the whole process and of everyone getting acquainted.

Oh, the name of the place!  How about "Crooked House Layers Club"?  (I am still thinking and am open to suggestions.)

Col. 1:9-12,


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  1. Yay, now I can post comments! :) I love the veranda and grand boardwalk. Your chickens will be living in luxury!