Sunday, May 4, 2014

More progress on the coop!

The first bit of the last wall in place
 A little more progress on the coop today.  After Church this morning and visiting kids right afterward we were able to spend some time working on it.  The goal was to get a start on the last wall and get the chicken door, the 'pop hole' as I've learned its called, in place.  De was working with me and it was great sharing the project her and to have the helping hands.

In the pic you see some framework below the wall extending out toward the front.  I'll be adding some deck boards I have lying around and it will end up being my "chicken veranda".  I didn't start out with the idea of building a porch for the girls, and I'm definitely drawing the line at a chicken porch swing.  The chicken veranda is yet another of my "architectural conveniences" that have become part and parcel of the project. 

I bring this up and point them out for two reasons: First, part of the spirit of my blog is in showing that anyone can accomplish projects like this no matter how meager their skills, and a few problems and issues along the way are part and parcel of learning.  Not perfect is ok, and this project is definitely not perfect.  Fortunately for me, I'm pretty sure chickens have reasonably low expectations when it comes to art and esthetics.  Second, in my first post-college job my first boss and mentor taught me a somewhat professionally questionable but tried and true engineering axiom that applies here: 'If you can't fix it, feature it!'.  I'm hoping someone will pipe up and excitedly write to assure me, "Why yes, Mark!  All chickens love porches and yours will be both thrilled and grateful throughout their career as layers right up to the time they make the transition from coop to canner."  Have I mentioned I'm also hoping Zyla the dog will drag back something rare and valuable from her trips to the woods instead of deer legs, that Pluto will soon be reinstated as a planet, and that the next national election will result in a Congress who refuses to live on credit, who appreciate people that like to take care of themselves, and who believes much of previous congress's efforts over the last 40 years have all the lasting value and social appeal of a dead raccoon under the porch?  No?  Perhaps another post...

In any case, we turned to on the pop hole and, to paraphrase what may be the only socially redeeming bit of wisdom ever to come from 'Larry the Cable Guy', "Got 'er done!".  It's a cable and pulley arrangement like I've seen elsewhere, and for all its somewhat craggy appearance works like a charm!  (That's kind of a stupid saying, but you all know what I mean so I'll hope you'll let it go this time.)

Door closed and chickens safe
Door open!  Chickens free to move about the veranda

I've been considering coming up with a name, like a hotelchain, for this testament to odd angles that expresses its most noble features.  I'm sure De would be willing to paint some signage on it for me.  Something like "Holli-donked Inn" or  "No Braced like Home".  I dunno,  I'll keep working on it.

Take care all - Col. 1:9-12


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  1. We drew the line at lawn chairs on our chicken patio ;)

    Great post, Mark. I so agree with your philosophy behind blogging. Nothing is more encouraging than seeing how others do things and deal with the problems and challenges that present themselves on the way. I like your 'If you can't fix it, feature it!' We handweavers have a similar saying, "It isn't a mistake, it's a design feature!"