Sunday, February 1, 2015


Snow has come to the Hoosier County Home!  A real winter snowstorm, that is.  As I write this we've topped 10" inches.  I got pics somewhere between 6" and 8". We are under a Winter Storm Warning and are expecting something around 15" for a storm total, with 35 MPH winds piling it up as part of the deal.  I know this is not really an exceptional thing for some parts of the country, but this is a good sized snow fall for NE Indiana.   The timing of this made for a serious disruption of Super Bowl party plans, for us included!  We're watching the points (snooze!!) and snow pile up from home.

I'll be working from home in the morning and taking time out to move enough snow to get us out.  I will get more pics tomorrow, but are some as it is coming down.

Snow piled up on one of the benches.  It make a nice indicator as to how much we have.

The lower part of the homestead.  It gets deeper here early.  The beds garden beds are 12" deep and are covered.

A pretty section of pines with branches covered with snow.

My tracks in the snow as I wandered about getting pictures.
Getting one of these during the winter does generate some minor inconvenience, more if you are among the throng who mobs the grocery stores AFTER the warning is issued so you'll have enough food and batteries to get you through a few days of being "snowed in".  On the other hand, there is an odd sense of "normalcy" that comes with winter weather, even severe winter weather, coming in season.  A day or so of "snowed in" actually makes for relaxing, if forced, pause.  I can live with that.

Next post I'll be catching up our weekend visit to see Daughter #2, the Son-in Law, and the granddaughters,.  Stay warm and safe, all.

Col. 1:9-12



  1. Okay, I'm sufficiently jealous now. Iowa got heavy snow, too. Must have been a band that went way south of us. Darn. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Take it easy shoveling. Looks like you've got plenty of it to do!

  2. Winter wonderland at its finest!

  3. Mama Pea - We did get a wonderful, clean blanket of snow and a clear, cold day to go with it. I, however, ended up shoveling a LOT more snow than I planned. I'm a bit of a whooped puppy tonight.

    Leigh - For a guy who claims to be not a real fan of winter, I must say this made for beautiful scenery. More pics up today.