Monday, February 9, 2015

Musings from the Recliner - Day 2

Hi all.  It's time to get today's posting out so I can get on with the rest of my day, although I'm not sure what that will entail yet.

In the past I've alluded to that fact this is not my first rodeo on being off work for an illness, and have a daily routine already in place from 2012 that I'm just picking up on.  Per my routine this should have gone out before lunch, but I relearned something today that slowed me down a bit.   I'll get to that soon.

I'm generally an early riser, something like 4AM.   By getting up that early I can get ready for work, drink a cup of coffee, have a nice, meaningful  morning quiet time, and then head off to work.  It's to the point now where I just wake up at 4:00 before the alarm, shut it off and start my day.  Today I woke up, rolled over, saw the clock glaring 5AM at me, and was quietly castigating myself for being such a slug.  As part of the counter-argument (I was at least coherent enough to mount one) I had to concede there really wasn't a driving reason for me to get up that early today, and that it was soooo easy to sleep in my own bed, and....  The next time I opened my eyes it almost 8:30.  I am a slug.

Again, having done this before, I know there are two things medical you don't want to get behind on: Pain meds (none of those for me this time) and cough meds.  I have no less than 10 different perscriptions to weave into my day, and needed to sit down and make out a schedule of when they all had to be taken.  Fortunately the 10 tail off to 4 in a couple weeks.  So as not to get behind, I got my cough meds in first so they are doing their thing while I figure out the rest.  I sat down and made out my schedule, and was getting up to get the morning ones in when I relived a childhood memory.

It's hard to believe now, but there was a time not so many years ago that most folks did not consider children to be china teacups that must be protected from any harm at all costs.  It was back in the days when playgrounds had teeter-totters, monkey bars, and merry-go-rounds.  In fact, there was a time when it was thought that (gasp!) bruises, a few scars, and maybe a broken bone or two were actually a valuable part of a child's path to learning how the world works and integral to the formation of a good character.

Back in those days, the 60s for me, there used to be fun-houses that would come around as part of the local street fairs each fall.   These things were a hoot!  As you strolled through you found the walls moved, any handrails shifted, and the floors shifted and tilted.  By now you know where I'm going with this.

As I wandered into the kitchen to get my meds in the floor tilted - just a little.  Interesting!  I made my morning coffee and decided I would help De out by emptying the dishwasher before I sat down.  And the floor rolled a bit to the other side, this time somewhat more dramatically.  I decided maybe handing dishes should wait unit the floor tamed down a bit.  I thought I would make myself some breakfast when the counters went left and the 'fridge went right.  Maybe best not to run the stove.  Maybe I should just sit and start writing.  Maybe I should just sit and read.  Maybe I should just sit.  Maybe...

I didn't want a nap at 9:45 AM.  Arguably, I didn't need a nap at 9:45 AM.  However, as I relearned, when you take your hydrocodone and somethin' cough medicine without a drop of anything else in your stomach at 9:15 or so, you've kind of limited your options.  I think it was around 12:30 when I starting climbing out of the fog, grousing to myself about being a complete and total idiot.  At 2:00 and after a full cup of coffee I'm still foggy enough I think I'll pass on operating heavy machinery (although if given the chance...), making any major financial decisions, taking up trick shooting, calling up any government official over the local level, or running my chainsaw.  At least 'til 3:00...

The plan is for me to be back to work on Wednesday.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  I just have to remember:  Just as 'F' comes way before 'M' in the alphabet - Food needs to come way before meds.  Food before meds, Food before meds, Food before meds....

Col. 1:9-12



  1. Definitely food before meds! Sorry to read about your hospital stay. I sure hope you can get over the cough and get on the road to recovery soon! Until work resumes, be a slug! lol....

    1. I do have hard time slowing down but between a quiet night in my own bed last night and my 'extra' morning nap I seem to be doing better. One more slow day and I should be good!

  2. Although everyone needs some excitement in their lives now and then, probably when you're only barely out of the hospital is not the time to indulge in pharmaceuticals ON AN EMPTY STOMACH, for Pete's sake. Are you sure it's wise to go back to work on Wednesday already? Seems like your system could use a smidge more rest, no?

    1. Yeah, the empty stomach thing is not one my prouder moments. I'll see how tomorrow goes. I think the doc would write me up for more time off but if I can force myself to stay down one more day, and make it a light schedule for the rest of the week I think I'll be OK. I have quite a bit of leeway in work schedule and tasking, and that helps. If I need more time, I can get it.