Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Musings from the Recliner - Day 3

Good morning, Everyone!  (Good morning, Great Uncle Mark!)
It's so good to see you all again!  And how is everyone today?  (Very well, thank you.)

How is school going?  Did you learn anything exciting yesterday?  (Yep!  Sure did! Food before meds, food before meds, food before meds.  <These kids are home schooled and are allowed to learn useful things.>)

Um..  Uh.. Yep..  Yep, that's , um, absolutely right.  Food before meds.  And why do we have some breakfast before we take our meds?  (I know!  I know!  So you ain't flopped out in your recliner drooling down your shirt before 10AM!)

Uh... yeah...  'Aren't flopped' by the way, and there was no drool.  (OK 'aren't'.  And that's not what Uncle D said.)

Uncle D said 'ain't'?  (Uncle D said there was drool.  Lots of it!  All down the front!)

Uh huh.  Well, Uncle D wasn't here so he doesn't know.  No drool.  (Ok,  If you say so...)

Sounds like I need to have a talk with Uncle D.  (And Grampa, too!)

Yeah, I already figured that one out.  (You didn't say it.  Besides, they told us to ask you.  We had to.)

I don't suppose Great Uncle T was also in on this?  (Yep!  And Gramma and Great Aunt M, too!)

Hmm...  Sounds like Great Uncle T needs to be buried in the sand up to his waist again.  (He's 51 years old!  That's too big!  Great Aunt M said he was only 3 the last time.)

That is gonna make it harder.  I'll tell Uncle D he has to help to make up for lying about the drool.   (He'll like that.  And are you sure he was lying?  God knows when you're lying, you know.)

I do know, and no drool.  (<long silence>  OK...... If you say so.)

It turns out that 'food before meds' does make a huge difference.  I rolled out at a somewhat less slug-like 6:30 this morning feeling pretty good.  As long as I'm downing all the meds the cough is almost non-existent.  Amazing, really - Given the last couple of months.  My voice is still not very strong, but the rest of me is doing MUCH better.  I will be ready to return to work tomorrow on a short (8 hour) workday instead of my usual 9 - 10.  I really am looking forward to it.

That being said, my best path to my normal work routine runs through a very leisurely day today and I'm going to stick with that plan.  I have a couple of book reviews I want to post, and will get on the company email to get some feel as to what I need to do tomorrow. Probably not a lot more than that.

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers, well wishes, fun texts and emails, visits, and phone calls.  Never underestimate the healing abilities of a warm, supportive community!  I'll let all the blog folks how the day goes tomorrow.  Most of the rest of you (getting the email version) will see me at work!

Col. 1:9-12,



  1. Glad to hear you're behaving yourself a little better today. (That drool thing can be so embarrassing.) The reason everyone is bugging you is because we don't want to see a relapse. No more posts from a hospital bed, please. Now go trundle on back to your recliner and take a short rest. (Do I sound like your mother? Sorry, it's the female caregiver mode kicking in.) ;o]

  2. Good luck on your first day back to work! Don't over do it though!

  3. Mama Pea - In this case, good behavior does pay dividends! I did have a good day today. The blog family is just a portion of the folks who are advising caution on my return to work. I got a "conference call" from our Church Small Group tonight (I stayed home) offering the same advice with great enthusiasm.

    Liz - Thank you! I promise not to get too ambitious and will likely be scootched out the door if I start to look too worn down.

  4. I'm about a month behind in reading your blog (the last time I checked in, you had just posted about poor Fred), but I'm getting caught up today, and this one made me literally laugh out loud! So glad you are better. :)

    1. Mandy - You've probably noticed that I don't put names in the blog, but do use first initials. Friends and family are able to figure out who is who by initial. I figured the friends and family would get a kick out of this one, since they could put names (and personalities) with the initials. Not everyone got it, and at least one person wondered aloud if I was still on too much of the cough syrup. Still, it was a fun post to write.