Thursday, July 24, 2014

Not very pretty but doin' the job

In contrast to some other parts of the country that can't seem to dry out, here in NE Indiana we're starting to get just a little dry.  Dry enough, anyway, it was time to get some water on the garden.  I've been intrigued by some of the soaking and misting systems some of you have going, but the garden really couldn't wait until I'd scrounged up materials for something like that, put it all together, and got it all working.  In the mean time, I wanted a way to water all the beds with one sprinkler.  I have a sprinkler head on a little tripod that sets up about 4 feet, but that's not near tall enough to allow it to get out to the corners. 

The answer, of course, is a trip to the barn in full scrounge mode.  Our yard barn is mostly an oversized storage shed.  Being my father's son, I have a hard time parting with anything I 'might need' in the future.  That means there are lots of little nooks and crannies with 'stuff'.  I managed to find a sprinkler of the type that has a spiked base that's intended to be stuck into the ground.  I also managed to find what looked to be a 10 feet section of 1" (or so) galvanized pipe.  Providentially, the central spike on sprinkler fits right down into the pipe.  Tada!! A tall sprinkler system created out of tucked away stuff I 'might'!  Mark the Packrat is (for once, anyway) vindicated.

I put the whole thing together (two parts plus an old bungee strap and the garden hose - not rocket science), took out my hearing aids (they don't like to get wet) and let 'er rip.  The head sits up about 8 1/2 feet and with only a little fiddling, and a partial soakdown of the designer, my garden was enjoying a cold, well water shower.  Anyway, here are some pics.
Final Assembly complete and testing begins

Well, look at that! It works!

Tomatoes and Bush Beans enjoying their simulated rainshower

Cabbage, peppers, peas and the rest liking it, too
It is nice to be able to 'make do' with things you already have on hand.  It just seems like the way homesteading ought to work.  I'd be interested in hearing what other folks have 'kludged' together to a successful end, or in how you water your gardens.

Col. 1:9-12,


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  1. Well, it sure is the way REAL homesteaders used to (had to) do it! Your cobbled together system looks as good, and does the job, as well as any high-tech system in my book!

    This summer with all our rain, I haven't had to water much but when I do, it's mostly by me standing with a hose in my hand. (We do have a rotating type sprinkler that can do a portion of the garden at a time before needing to be moved.) Dear hubby keeps trying to convince me we should come up with a more efficient method of watering but I keep telling him I don't mind doing it my way at all. Like my morning walks through the garden, standing watering gives me time to really look at all the plants and time to think . . . not necessarily about the garden but other things, too! :o)