Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Garden Update - It's always Amazing!

I'm always amazed at how quickly the garden goes from seedlings and sprouts to something, well... amazing!  The glory of God's ongoing process of creation is a wonderful thing to watch.   Here's a tour of the Hoosier Country Home garden:

Cabbage and Peppers are doing great!
Peas - Not so much. Healthy looking, but not a great stand.

Green beans are looking real good.
Our first year for so many pole beans.  Looking good and starting to climb!

It will be time to be canning tomato sauce and salsa soon.  And I LOVE green fried tomatoes!
About time to add more soil cover to the potato plants

Pumpkins and corn doing well
Squash, more pole beans, more corn, and zucchini (far end) coming along, too
So when do I harvest my horseradish?
Here is my lone surviving raspberry plant.  The rest seem to have perished in the exceptionally long,cold winter we had this year.  I thought I had more but, to my embarrassment, what I had thought to be other survivors turned out be Queen Ann's Lace.  Oops again!

Finally - Here's Henry the Cockerel - a nice looking Golden Lace Wyandotte.  Henry has been making a pest of himself with the pullets.  So much so he has found himself to be "poultry non grata".  De is making arrangements for Henry to be shipped off to another homestead where he will be (hopefully) appreciated.  Bye, Henry!
Take a moment to check out De's blog, De-Lightful Minis.  Her link is off the the right.  She been busy making a miniature "Crooked House Layers Club" chicken coop complete with Fred the Golden Polish cockerel.  It's very cool!

So ends anther day on the Hoosier Country Homestead!

Night all!  Col. 1:9-12



  1. "Poultry non grata" LOL. He is a handsome guy. And your garden looks fantastic! I I like the idea of some of those beds being narrow like that. And I truly miss that black soil in the midwest.

  2. Leigh - Thanks! We like narrow beds because it's easy to reach in from the side to weed and harvest. Our widest beds are 4 feet. The narrowest are about 18 inches.