Monday, November 23, 2015

It's heeereee!

In the spirit of better late than never, I finally got the mower deck out from under my little tractor and got the snow blade on.  Since the weather service was calling for snow (they were right) I could procrastinate no longer. 

Once I got the 3-point hitch blade on, I had one of those (very) rare moments of inspiration.  When I did the last mowing, I intentionally did it so to have my lawn clippings in what amounts to windrows.  Since I see my most of my lawn as a pasture with no critters, it pretty much never looks neat and manicured.  It usually looks like, well, a pasture with no critters.  That means lawn clippings are between 6 and 12 inches instead of the usual '1 inch off the top to keep it even' some of the neighbors who choose a suburb-in-the-country lifestyle.

My intention was to mow it into rows, then pitchfork it into my truck then onto the garden or mulch pile.
Here are my "windrows" ready to be moved into a mulch pile or the garden.

 My brain-flurry (not enough to be a brain-storm) was to use the back of blade to turn the windrows into mulch piles, that will make it much easier to pitch into the truck.
A short blade means multiple passes.
This pile is about 1/2 leaves.  The other four are the same size and mostly grass.
This method scuffs up the grass a bit and still leaves tufts behind.
 It turns out I got this done just in time.  I did this work on a Friday evening.

This is Saturday morning

This is Saturday afternoon!  We ended up with about 8 inches of the white stuff.

What a difference a day can make!!  In any case, all that good stuff is there and ready to be moved.  When ever I can get to it....

Col 1:9-12,



  1. Don't cha find it amazing what methods we homesteaders came manage to come up with when we don't really have the "right" equipment to do a job? We sickle mow our little hay field, let it dry for a day, then "vacuum" it up with the lawn mower blowing the greenery into the collection bag attachment. From there it goes into burlap sacks as "green chop" we feed the chickens all winter.

    P.S. You've had more snow than we have. Do we have to move south to get a decent snowy winter?

    1. I like the "garden chop" idea. I may have to use that some year. Alas! Our big pretty snowfall is gone, gone, gone! Today we have 40s and rain, so what we have now is wet, wet, wet!