Saturday, April 11, 2015

Weekend with the Grandkids - Saturday

Another big day with Heaven and Harmony - Our two granddaughters.  It was a great day and we did a lot.

The morning started with our usual breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and 'cutie' oranges.  Heaven is at the point where she pretty much cooks the eggs herself.  All I did was get bowls out the cupboard and run the stove.  Everything else, from getting eggs out of the refrigerator to serving them onto the plates, Heaven does without any help.  This time younger sister Harmony took care of the toast and got the oranges out of the 'fridge.  No pics - Papa was busy trying to keep some semblance of order about the whole process.

After breakfast and getting dressed into "work clothes" (Miss Heaven did not want to wear 'play clothes', she was going out to work with Papa!) it was off to work for the morning.

The day started with more work in the garden beds.

Harmony is doing her share of the digging.
Where ever there is digging, there is a chicken looking for a worm snack!  Harmony's not so sure about the help....

It didn't stop her from getting out the 'big tools'!
Always the worker, Heaven fills the feed bucket for the chickens,...

... and puts clean water in the clean bowl.
After that was lunch time, then a surprise!  Gramma and Aunt M took the two of them to see the movie 'Cinderella' (and for ice cream and a little shopping after.)  All three princesses had tiaras for the movie.
All cleaned up and ready to go see Cinderella!  (Harmony - I liked it except for the "kissing" parts)
After the movie it was time for just a little more playing then supper, bath and bed.  But supper was something a little special!

Heaven and Papa roasting hot dogs at a little backyard cook-out.

It's a little chilly out, but everyone is enjoying their food.

The girls enjoying S'mores while Gramma works on another batch.
Nothing like some sticky, gooey, yummy goodness.  It's a good thing bath time was next!
Another wonderful day!  Tomorrow we take them back home after Church.  We're meeting their parents part-way there at a restaurant and enjoying a meal with the daughter and son-in-law (and girls) before we all say good-bye.

Once again, I must say - 'We are Blessed! (and tired.)'



  1. I loved the part about the work versus play clothes! Just like a kid. So nice to see your chickens helping out too. You have a very precious family; what a blessing.

    1. Leigh - Heaven does like to work with Papa. If I'm doing anything, especially outside, she will right there wanting to do the work too. The girls are definitely getting comfortable with the chickens. They do watch out for Fred the Rooster, with some justification, but the hens are either 'funny' or just in the way.

      We are are blessed to have those two girls and the whole extended family that comes with them. And we are blessed their parents are willing to 'share' once in a while.

  2. Sweet! Our kids are being a little slow in the furnishing grandkids game so I really enjoy seeing others!

    1. If go back far enough in the blog you'll see that these two came with the son-in-law (who is also a blessing). We do love having our little girls around, but we always forget how much energy it takes to keep up with them!

  3. Nothing better than a weekend with the grandkids! (yours are adorable) It is so much fun making memories for them! Love all of the raise beds, a project I need to start working on.

    1. Liz - This is the first time we've had them alone for the whole weekend. What fun we had! Of course, now that they are back with their parents De and I are 'reveling' in the quietness.

      We do love our raised beds. We've got lots of good garden soil everywhere, so for us its a a matter of plant density and access. We've found them to be best for things like tomatoes, green beans and other veggies for which you get multiple pickings. Its easier to get soil amendments right and its so much easier to pick from the edge of the bed or stool sitting next it than from a row right at ground level.

  4. You and De deserve to be totally exhaustigated (!) after the weekend. Those two little girls are blessed to have "married" grandparents like the two of you. And their new auntie also! The stories they will have to tell after this past weekend!

  5. Thanks, Mama Pea. We are whooped, but it was such a wonderful weekend. It's interesting - More and more we find ourselves being looked to as examples of stability due to our long marriage, and stable church and work relationships. It wasn't until the kids started dating that we learned how rare that is.

    They will have stories! We had a VERY full weekend. :-)