Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekend with the Grandkids - Friday Evening

De, Aunt M. (Daughter #1) and I made the 3 hour trip (one way) south to pick up the granddaughters for the weekend.  We got to see K (daughter #2 ) for a short visit, then it was back on the road.  Most of the day was spent driving, but we got home in time to get some of the chores done, and a little more. 

After we got everything in the house it was time to pick up on the chores with two additional helpers.  Eggs were collected, chickens were let out of the run, and were fed a little scratch.  After that, since it was a nice day with only a moderate wind, we decided to take a walk to the garden.  If we're going to the garden we need to have our boots on.  Papa has the big, black rubber boots.  The ladies' boots are all little more colorful. 
Polka dots for everyone.
Those of you with gardens know that "just taking a walk" in a garden that needs some attention is a dangerous thing. Papa noticed that some of the beds were badly in need of a lot of weeding before planting time.  A big clump of crabgrass here, another there and pretty soon everyone is working!  And I do mean everyone.

Heaven (in blue) and Harmony (Pink) help Papa clear crabgrass

Of course if there's digging to be done, the birds are all in.

It seems the birds are all in with Aunt M, ready or not!

Heaven is the more cautious of the two and, since it had been awhile, was initially very concerned about the chickens being right there with her.  Fortunately, that didn't last very long.  Harmony, the younger, is much more likely to be found at Grandma's side so when Grandma went in, she went too.  Heaven, the older, loves to work with Papa and work she did!

There were weeds to haul to the compost pile, so off she went, and the wheelbarrow comes back empty.

A Red Star inspects some of Heaven's work

Heaven offers a worm in exchange for the help.

We had supper and baths, and are now playing quietly (mostly) until bedtime.  This will be the first time girls have stayed overnight alone with Grandma and Papa, so we're not sure quite what to expect.

What fun!  And more to come tomorrow and Sunday!  We are blessed!

Col. 1:9-12




  1. I'm sure the girls are going to have such great memories from this time "on the farm".

    1. Sue - They love being here and we love having them. They do seem to remember from visit to visit all the things they've done before. I hope they will remember their time on the 'farm'; I know De and I will always remember having them.

  2. What a delightful work force you have this weekend! I'm betting there was no "sleeping in" this morning. The girls are blessed to have you and De as grandparents. (Hope you can rest up next week!)

    1. Mama Pea - You're right, there was no sleeping in this morning. Making a scrambled eggs, toast, and "cuitie" oranges breakfast with Papa is something we always do, and they were ready to get started on it early! De and I certainly feel blessed to have them as grandchildren.