Saturday, September 20, 2014

Homestead Repairs and More

Today was supposed to be barn repair day.  The door has been off my yard barn most of the summer and with fall coming it was time to get it back on.  It took a good part of the morning to get the rotted stuff off, and I picked up a paper wasp sting in the process.  I'm mildly allergic (and apparently getting a little more sensitive every time I get stung)  so there was a short interruption while my son, who keeps me honest on stuff like that, hauled me up to the house for Benedril and to make sure I had my Epi-pen with me.

I'd painted over some ugliness earlier knowing I would need to fix it all later.

This is where the sliding door track was mounted.

"Helpers" come it all shapes and sizes.  One of this lady's relatives nailed me on the forearm for what they viewed as anti-social behavior.

It took a little doing, and several interruptions for bug juicing, but the we got the old wood off.

I'd feel bad about everyone eyeballing my too-full barn, except I know we all have at least one of these.

There was a similarly rotten board on the front supporting the floor that had to come out.  You can see by the tools in the picture it was not a straightforward process.

We had a little floor droop when we took this board out that is going to make installing the replacement interesting.

We always let the chickens out when we're outside working.  Today was apparently dust bath in Mark's potato patch day.  There were some grungy looking (but happy) birds coming out the dust bath in the black dirt.
The birds like the black dirt, too.  Notice the potato in the foreground.

De and I went to get lumber, and then my son and I started on getting it all back together when a summer thunderstorm hit.  We were standing about 100 yards away when this happen.  We didn't hear the tree go down, but did see the lights go out.

Good day to own a generator!

So now the tools are all put away, were listening to hum of the generator, watching the REMC (Rural Electric Member Cooperative or something like that) crew work clear trees, trying to keep the swelling down on my sting, and getting our evening chores done.  A nice evening spent with a great family!

More to come when we get back into getting the work done.

Take care all!

Col. 1:9-12,



  1. Yes, all those "fall" projects that were supposed to be "summer" projects! We have lots of them on The List to get done yet before bad weather hits. Good to see the storm didn't do more damage than it did. Our ground is so wet from all the rain this summer here that if we get our usual fall windstorms, we could lose some big trees again. We're just hoping we have enough of them cleared from around buildings that could be damaged!

    1. Exactly! Now I'm at the point where I'm prioritizing my summer-come-fall projects and deciding which ones can be winter projects and which will have to be spring projects. (Sigh...)