Monday, September 29, 2014

Barn Work, Grandkids, and the Garden that Won't Quit

Another great weekend with the family.  This weekend we had beautiful early fall weather, all three of our own kids for Friday night and Saturday, and the future (33 days from today) son-in-law and granddaughters through Sunday afternoon.  For most of Saturday I had my son working with me and we managed to get the new supports in place, supports and door painted, and the main door back on the barn.

I thought I had some nice in-process pictures.  It turns out I do not have pics I wanted, but I do have a lengthy and oddly amusing video, mostly of the ground, my boots, a bit of the sky, selected tools, a wayward chicken, and moments looking at the in-process work when I think I'm taking still pics, all with a running father-and-son commentary.  I thought seriously about posting it for something like 2 milliseconds, then came to my senses and decided my barn red over-sprayed boots, construction trash, Aurora the Red Star chicken, and 5 seconds of barn work do not make for riveting journalism.  Here is what I do have.

The main door painted and back in place

The front floor support put some doing to work in place.  I added some support under the bad front edge.

I still have the upper door to frame up and install.  I also some gaps to fix above the track, but they will wait until it's cool enough the wasps slow down.
We also did a little work on the coop. We had some water getting in along the back wall into the laying boxes.  I looked for some flexible material to cover the hinge line.  What I ended up with is some indoor-outdoor rubber floor runner.  In the end I ended up with two strips.  One covering the top of the box lid something like roofing, and a second attached to the wall and draping down over the hingeline.
The waterproofing material in place.  We'll see how it weathers.
As I've said before, working with the grandkids as helpers takes twice as long and is 4x the fun.  I got a few pics of my (future) granddaughters and one of my grandnephews.

Miss Harmony talks to the chickens.  They seem to get along pretty well.
Heaven and Harmony 'doing their work' on some scrap lumber.  There is no better use for tool and nails.  They had sooo much fun!
Grand nephew Nathaniel loves the chickens and (with the help of a handful of scratch) they love him!
Finally, we really are getting to the end of garden.  Really!  We still have some of the usually fall items to bring in, but today De got some zucchini (which we thought had been done for awhile), summer squash (ditto), and discovered we have at least one more green bean picking to do in the next few days.

The garden keeps coming!  We are blessed!  Plenty more melons, butternut and potatoes to bring in.
They're starting to slow down,  but aren't done.  "Don't put the canner away yet, De!"
All in all, a wonderful, productive weekend spent with the folks I love most.  We are blessed!

Col. 1:9-12,



  1. Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend! I sure wish more kids today could have the experiences you are providing for those little ones in your life. Visiting the "farm" is something they will play over in their active minds and remember forever!

  2. Mama Pea - When we see them every day it's easy to lose one's sense of wonder for the living, growing things that are common to the homestead and to forget the joy of being busy working with our hands. When I share those experiences with them I get a fresh look at the simple grandeur of God's creation and the peaceful satisfaction that comes with honest work through their young eyes. It's such a healing and priceless experience for all of us.

  3. You have absolutely fantastic helpers! It's wonderful to have family like that. Have to say your garden goodies still look good.

    1. Leigh - We are sooo blessed with family. We love to have them all here for a weekend.

      We are a bit surprised the garden in still going as well as it is. This weekend the temps are much cooler, so we are expected to be really done soon.