Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just Like Everyone Else

Here on the Hoosier Country Homestead we are busy doing pretty much what everyone else is doing.  Putting up the garden!  Our garden went in a little late this year so we're just getting into the thick of it now.  Here's a look:

De's usual garden basket didn't work for this picking!
Not so many of these, and there's always the one zucchini you find late!
The cucumbers, squash, and Zucchini are coming in right along.  Lots of blossoms still on the vines, so there will be plenty more.  Daughter K (Future Stepmom to the little girls in previous posts) says once the squash comes in we end up eating it "Morning, noon, and night.".  Yep, I'm ok with that.

The corn is not ready yet, but we will get some this year.  That is better than we thought a week or so ago.  There is however a problem:
Summer storms in Indiana can get a little blustery

Both gardens took some storm damage

We got a thunderstorm that had some pretty impressive wind gusts and as a result we have some corn down.  It's too early to tell if it's going to make it or not, but we do have ears and they are starting to fill out.  We may do ok either way.

This is where it all goes next!
De has been busy as beaver with the canning.  With what she'll do tonight, we'll have 108 pints of green beans in the pantry with the pole beans just getting a good start. As you can see tomatoes are coming in, but not a bumper crop this year.  We have more cabbage that will come in soon, beets are about ready, carrots and potatoes will come along later.

All in all, our garden in doing pretty well.  We work all spring and summer for harvest, so I'm going to be pretty slow in complaining about how busy we get when we are blessed with a good one.  Once again, we are blessed!

This weekend I'll be back with a 'chicken update'.  The ladies are eager to get out of the run when ever they can, and De and I try to let them out as often as we can. Makes for some good pics!

Col. 1:9-14,



  1. Let the harvesting begin! So sorry your corn took such a beating. Those pics look just like ones I took last year of ours. Only difference is you have such lovely, wonderful, black soil! (Yep, just a little bit jealous.) Your harvest of green beans in the wheelbarrow 'bout says it all . . . when those beans come in, they REALLY come in! Happy harvesting!

  2. Wow, what a fantastic harvest! Oh, those green beans! Poor De must be canning her fingers off.

  3. Mama Pea - We do like that black soil! Other parts of the homestead are sandy or have lots of clay. We have a pretty diverse range for just a couple of acres. We're just now starting to optimize plantings for the best type of soil around the place.

    Leigh - De is getting to that part of the summer where she's developing a love-hate relationship with the garden. We love having all the good garden produce, but lately it seems she's always got the canner running. The beans and tomatoes are winding down, but we'll have lots of potatoes and, despite my misgivings, lots of corn to process along with more cabbage and beets.