Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hoosier Country Garden Tour

As I promised yesterday, here is a little photographic tour of the Hoosier Country Homestead Garden.

So just to preface this post, while I was out getting the pics after weed-wacking, a little mowing, a little weeding, and getting some DE on the plants that have bugs on them, the WHOLE time I was doing all that, this song I remember from the Captain Kangaroo kid's program in the 60's was running through my head.  A little Google work I confirmed the song title is "English Country Garden".  I kinda remember the "English Country Garden" on the program being much tidier than my garden and largely ornamental.  Odd how something like that pops up after 50 years, plus or minus.  Anyone else remember Captain Kangaroo in the 60s?  Here's version of the song, but I don't think it's the one from the show.

So on with the tour as promised:

Center: All the different peppers are doing great. Right:Green cabbage is in, purple cabbage will be done soon. Rear Right: Peas still producing.  Rear Left: Beets are a bit thin, but what we have is doing good.

Pole bean bed is loaded with blossoms and just now producing small beans.  We'll be picking soon.  The brown dust is a bit of DE I put on to try and knock some bugs.

Carrots are a bit untidy but growing well.  More peas behind that.  Beets in the rear of that row.

We haven't had good tomato weather and it shows.  We are still getting tomatoes, but not like last year.
Horseradish in the forefront. Green bush beans are doing great!
The potatoes look to be doing quite well.
Sweet corn is our 'problem child.  Nice tassels, a few silks, and about 4 feet tall.  Farmers market, here we come!
White pumpkins we hoped to use for decorating Daughter #2s wedding.  The plants look healthy but no fruit yet.

Zucchini, Yellow Squash, cucumbers, and cantaloupe with another stand of troubled corn.
Spaghetti squash, and butternut squash.  More pole beans between the squash and the corn.
Finally, here's Fred.  Fred is our Golden Polish cockerel working his way into rooster-hood.  I got a couple of good pics of him, but De got a video of him crowing.  He doesn't have a really big voice, but it makes me smile every time.  If you're interested you can hear him at:

Anyway,  that's the tour.  Oh yes!  Between the time I let the birds out this morning and when we got home from church, we got our second egg.  It was the size a store bought large egg, brown, and uniform in color.  De and I suspect we have two of the girls starting to do their thing now.

All good stuff, and I still feel honored to be the steward of it all.

Col. 1:9-12,


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