Sunday, February 18, 2018

Relearning Winter

I've never been a big fan of winter.  Not that I hate it and, truth be told, I've missed it when I've lived in places that that didn't have a real, Midwestern, winter.  I just enjoy the other seasons more.

This winter is no exception.  A few weeks ago I was ready to be done with winter.  I don't get a vote, of course, but still I was ready to be done with single digit temperatures, treacherous 40 mile commutes to the day job, clearing vehicles before you can drive them, bundling up to go out and do anything, and wading through snow to do the chores.

Last week we got a bunch of the white stuff early.  I don't always get the tractor out to clear the driveway with new snow since De and I both drive AWD vehicles, but this time there was enough I had to.  My little tractor can only push so much and if we had gotten more I'd have been in trouble.

Then we had a day or two of warmer weather where much, but not all of it, melted.  Then colder weather guaranteeing what was left would stay for the weekend.  This weekend, the kids and grandkids were up for the one year birthday of the youngest one, and the announcement there is another on the way.  With snow on the ground and an open hill in front of the house there was bound to be sledding.  De and I have five or six sleds from when our kids were young we keep for just such an opportunity.   With an inch or so of new snow Saturday night, it was clear there would be more after Church on Sunday.

Saturday was the birthday party, and after the traditional festivities Papa took the four girls, the two grands and the two adopted grands from my last post, out to play in the snow.  Between Saturday and Sunday there was:

A lot of sledding,

Snow angels,

Snow "reindeer",

"Bears" in the snow,
And lots of smiles and laughter.

Through it all, Papa 'relearned' winter.  Where I had seen mostly inconvenience, the grandkids saw a wonderland of imagination, endless possibilities, and pure joy.  For the price a few days of achy joints and sore muscles, I got to share in it all and see winter anew in the laughter of the children I love.  The days where I can do that will someday, perhaps someday soon, come to a close so I'm cherishing the opportunities I have.  It was worth every minute I'll spend with the heating pad, every ibuprofen I'll need in the next day or two to get through the workday, and every bit of muscle cream I'll use before bed.  This day, I am truly blessed!

Col. 1:9-12,



  1. How much fun did you all have? Aren't days like that just the best?! Hope the aches went away quickly as you recounted your blessings of the fun.

    1. It was wonderful!! The kids grow up so fast, which is one more reason to take the time to be part of their lives and make some lasting memories while I can.

  2. What a truly wonderful way to look at it! There's always a good side to nearly everything we experience in life. We just have to remember how blessed we are. And do you realize how blessed you and De are that your children and grandchildren want to spend time with you? A warm, fuzzy post and big hugs sent to you both.

  3. We love it when they come and they all love to come. Sometimes the "I don't want leave!" tears from the young ones are a little hard on Papa and Grammy, but we all look forward to the next time.

  4. I love seeing children playing in the snow. What fuddy-duddys we adults become about it as we grow older! On that note I have to admit that I'm happy to admire your snow from afar, LOL.

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    1. For some reason the link I put in doesn't want to cooperate. Their web address is

    2. Thank you, Leigh! We have looked at a different version of this, but they were a little particular about pre-existing conditions. Can't say as I blame them, but it does make things more challenging. I will look into Samaritan Ministries. In addition to being lower cost, I just like the whole concept of the health care sharing plans.