Monday, December 21, 2015

The very, very, VERY last of the garden

So a couple of weeks ago I brought in the very, very, VERY last of the garden: the last of the Brussel Sprouts.  Every year I am amazed at these little garden beauties.  We like to wait until after the first hard frost to bring them in, but these little gems have had several frosts, snow, and a couple of mid-20s overnight freezes.  As you can see, they still look pretty healthy. 

The chickens were there to help, of course, as they always are when I'm in the garden.
Snack?!?  Snack?!?  Do you have a Snack?!?

Figures - They had NO interest in the sprouts until I started working on another plant.

Despite the rough weather, they all still looked really good.

I think she was looking for bugs.  Either that or was checking my work.  Either way, she's not shy.
 I think now I can really call the garden done, done, done.  Except for cleaning out a couple of beds.  And mulching them all for the winter.  And probably something else I've forgotten.  < Sigh > Never REALLY done I guess but, truth be told, I kind of like it that way.

Col. 1:9-12,



  1. I just love those chicken pics--they really are curious critters and seem to really enjoy "helping".

    1. They are a hoot and they do seem to enjoy hanging around the people, at least when we are in the garden. I think some of that is curiosity and some is hoping I'll turn over some soil and expose a tasty worm or bug.

  2. I am super-impressed with your Brussels sprouts . . . in the last half of December, no less! Ours have been in Freezer Camp for months now.

    1. Except for our one seasonable snow in my header, now long gone, and couple of short lived dustings, it's been an unseasonably warm winter here thus far. We're hoping a real winter kicks in soon.