Monday, September 7, 2015

A Great Weekend!

De and I had a great weekend!  One of the nieces got married on Saturday and the whole clan was up for the event.  It was a morning wedding, 10:30 to be precise, and other than having to get a bit of an early start to get everyone up and ready it worked out well.

It had a somewhat unusual 'motif', but it was a beautiful wedding and both ministers (one from each church that the two attended) did an excellent job of working it into their messages.

The wedding party looked great, and the medieval motif was unique. 
They had a wonderful reception at the church with friends and family

 The wedding and reception consumed a good part of the day and pretty much wore everyone out.  Sunday afternoon was intended to be a quiet time for all, but twas not to be, and it was OK.

Papa went into his office intending to work on some amateur radio stuff coming up.  The girls followed and pretty soon we had some pretty serious office work going on.

Papa's two office assistants.
I had one end of my office table set up with a non-working laptop, papers, pencils and crayons, and scissors for one 'assistant', with the same set-up on a separate, smaller table for the other 'assistant'.  We got a lot done, but for some reason that radio work is still out there waiting.

The older one is learning a bit about how to tune Papa's HF radio.  Just receiving so far.  My license does all me to let her transmit as long as I'm running the station, but she's not quite ready for that yet. So far I just set it up in the region of the AM broadcast band and let her tune in whatever music she could find there.  In the future I'll set her up in the international shortwave broadcast band and let her find music and languages from cultures around the world.  Should be fun.  The younger is still more interested in crawling up on Papa's lap for help with drawing apples for her to color a bright red and pink, and getting a little help cutting them out with her scissors. 
"You have to do all the voices, Papa!"
 This was a pic from the last visit, but we did a lot of this, too. I love reading to the girls, and they love to be read to.  Like all kids that age they have their favorite books, and Papa reads them over and over again. (Except when they 'read' them to me.)

It was a great weekend for all.  They went home mid-Sunday afternoon, and Gramma and Papa crashed for the rest of the day.  There was garden work to do.  But that is another post.

Col. 1:9-12,



  1. I imagine you guys had to take a nap after that visit.
    Young ones are so much fun, but where on earth do they conjure up all that energy??

    1. Sue - We were so tired! I understand far better now what I've heard other grandparents say before. You love to see them come, and you love to see them go!