Sunday, August 23, 2015

The "Helpers" are a bit 'put out'

In my last post I had noted that in the spirit of "better late than never" I had figured out my tomatoes were not being bug eaten just as soon as they turned red, but that the "chicken helpers" were helping themselves!

To that end I spent a little time at the local farm store looking for options.  What I ended up with was essentially snow fencing.  I got the orange color even though it comes in a nice summery green just in case I ever want to use for... Oh, I don't know... maybe...  snow, and want to see it from a truck or tractor.  I got the 100' roll but by the time I figured out how the fence was going to work I would have been OK with the 50' roll.  One company VP I worked for years ago used to say "Ready, Fire, Aim".  The idea was just DO something mostly right and tweak your solution along the way.  I find I follow that path a lot.

In any case, here's what I ended up with:

It seems someone feels a bit 'put out' with this new turn of events.
I was able to use a hog panel for a "people gate".
The four corners are regular steel fence posts, and the posts in the middle are the temporary fencing kind.  It's not what I would call "pretty", but its working.  I left the remaining fencing on the roll and just strapped it in place.  Quite coincidentally I assure you,  the distance between the steel posts on the end almost exactly matched the length of one of the 12' hog panel sections I had.  Thus we had a "people gate" that is easy to open and close, and still quite capable of keeping the chickens out.  A goat would laugh, cattle would scoff (if they cared), hogs would hardly even notice it, but it works great for my chickens.

Since then De and I have began to reap a reasonable tomato harvest.  It's not been been an ideal tomato year from a weather standpoint, but we're starting to enjoy them instead of the 'girls' snacking out on the juicy, red lusciousness.  Again, I probably should have seen this coming, but we'll get a fair crop this year and will be all set for next.  Live and learn, as the saying goes.  I guess I'm just a wee bit smarter now!

Col. 1:9-12,



  1. I can just imagine the "helpers" reaction to that fence---the same reaction I'm sure the deer had around here when I FINALLY put up a barrier between them and my flowers.
    I sure hope you give your chickens the occasional tomato treat for being on grasshopper patrol. Can't cut them off cold turkey--ha ha.

  2. Hi Sue - The chicken helpers do get anything that comes up legitimately bug eaten or bad for some other reason, which was a small handful this time around. They are certainly not starving for tomato even though they are shut out of the patch. :-) I think its enough to keep them on Bug Patrol!