Monday, March 23, 2015

Garden Planning!

So De and I sat down and (almost) finished the garden planning yesterday.  We made our list off what we wanted to put in the garden some time ago, but we just now got around to planning what goes where.

The whole thing looks like this:

But it's easier to see in smaller chunks.

We've moved things like carrots and onions out of the beds this year.  We also had to do some crop rotation. We ended ended up with a garden bed planting plan that looks like:


Peas, cucumbers and (of course) pole beans are on trellises.  We've had good luck using hog panels for trellises in the past and will likely do it again this year.  This will be our first year for kale.  The horseradish, asparagus, and rhubarb plants are already there from last year.  The grid squares, by the way, are roughly a foot.

The smaller of the two plots gets the stuff we kicked out the beds plus squash and sweet potatoes.  This is our first year for parsnips and sweet potatoes.  Parsnips should be easy, but we're going to have to get smart on sweet potatoes.

The larger of the two plots gets a lot of sweet corn and potatoes.  It also gets more squash.  With the corn being such a large plot, it's hard to rotate it right, but we're getting it mostly in new ground.

Next post I'll talk about the herb garden and maybe the fruit trees and brambles.  The herb garden gets a major expansion this year and the fruit trees and brambles are new.

By the way,  last week I saw the Doc (this time the specialist) for the cough I've not been able to shed and got some interesting results.  He did a bunch of labs, and it seems I tested positive for pertussis.  He thinks that was likely the root problem when I was in to see him in December.  He figures I  have about 6 more weeks to deal with it.  The good news is no more antibiotics or steroids, and he loaded me up with the extra heavy duty cough meds.   The best news is the end is in sight, and for that I do feel blessed.

Col. 1:9-12,



  1. Kale is one of my favorites now--I'm sure you two will enjoy them.

    And the plans look amazing.
    And I will be down to steal your corn. About mid-August??

    1. We are looking forward to seeing what the kale is like out of our garden. Mid to late August is about right for the sweet corn. Our dog is a sweet corn thief too, so we'll put in a little extra for the both of you!.

  2. You look super-organized. If your summer weather cooperates, you will be rich in homegrown vegetables! My garden plan is about halfway done . . . rotating the crops sometimes takes more noggin work than I can manage! ;o}

    Glad to hear you have to take no more steroids or antibiotics. Get lots of probiotics back in your system to help return things to normal.

    1. We do appear to be organized. We'll see how it actually works out for us. Rotations are the challenging part, especially when your bed shapes are really optimized for a limited number of crops.

      I'm so glad to be off the steroids and all. I have about 10 more pounds of "Prednizone weight" to lose. Getting out and busy will help.