Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Comes to the Hoosier Country Home!

Winter has arrived at the Hoosier Country Home!  We're enjoying balmy mid-20 F temperatures today, but all week long we've had single digit temps with sub-zero windchills.  I know that some of you would thrilled to warm up to single digits, much less 20 something temps.  The 26 degree temp made for a great opportunity to muck out the chicken coop and get some other outdoor chores done.  I've been fighting some sort of bug for several weeks, so the warmer temps made it just a but easier.

We've got about 3 inches of snow on the ground with about that much more on the way.  We've had lots of cardinals, finches, bluejays, woodpeckers, and junkos at the feeders, and I was hoping to sit outside and get a pic or two to share.  Zyla the dog had other ideas.

 Fine, I'll just come inside (knowing Zyla would come along) and get one through the picture window.  since I'd been watching through the window before I went out to do the chores, that should be good.  One Orpington had other ideas, which scared away all the bravest of the wild birds.

Oh, well.  There a lot of winter left for getting pics.  I make sure a nice selection gets into the blog.  Good night, all.

Col. 1:9-12,



  1. Take care of yourself, Mark. The longer you have something zapping your resources, the harder it is to shake it. Especially this time of year when getting healing sunshine on the ol' body is very hard to do. When you're done with your predicted snow, please send it our way. We don't even have as much on the ground as your pictures show.

  2. That darn bug has been going around here too! I agree that temps in the 20 sure feel balmy after those below 0 wind chills we endured last week. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Mama Pea - I'm actually quite careful with that. I have a tendency towards viral pneumonia. I've had it 6 times and the last time I had it (2012) I was in the hospital for 5 days and off work for over three months. Saw the doc today: "Just" a raging case of bronchitis that is severely torquing off my usually very well controlled asthma. Got a boat load of short term meds to get me back up and running full speed. We did get about three more inches of snow last night. Next time I'm home when the sun is up I'll get pics. Temp is supposed to drop down to -3F tomorrow with wind chills at -12F or so. Should warm up in a few days.

    Liz - I think everyone in our house has had some form of it. Mine's still hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit, the rest of crew seems to be on the mend. I won't be far behind.

  4. I've been saying that winter has arrived here too, but you've got real winter compared to us! Do take care of yourself. Don't let the bug get the better of you.

    1. Leigh - We have real "upper-midwest" winter, but we still feel for the folks to Northwest of us who get, but our evaluation, truly brutal winters.

      The doctors pile of meds seems to be doing the trick. I'm not quite 100% back to normal, but I'm better every day and am getting pretty close!