Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wedding a success!

Daughter #2's Big Day went wonderfully well.  Surrounded by their closest friends and family members, they had a beautiful ceremony in a rustic, converted barn venue.  The reception was held on another floor of the same place, so his out-of-town family wouldn't have to navigate too much of rural NE Indiana.  The venue is in a local Amish community, and navigating around buggies and poultry on the roads was a new experience for many of them.  That being said, his family is close-knit like ours and are amazing, truly wonderful, Christian people.  That makes letting her go so much easier for De and I.

The bride was beautiful (as was her mother) and so was the rest of the wedding party in a somewhat casual camouflage theme.  The granddaughters, aged 4 and 6, did great for their part in the ceremony.  Our minister had a wonderful message and ceremony.  The caterer was excellent.  The cake, made by a family friend who does that professionally, looked and tasted great. The photographer and the DJ, also both family friends, were amazing.  Spending the afternoon and evening with friends and family members, old and new, capped off the day.

The weather was crisp and clear all day long. After the bride and groom left we had so many family and friends helping with cleaning and gathering and packing it was done in about 45 minutes.  A small caravan of friends got everything back at our house in time for a few moments of quiet before bedtime.

The new Mr. and Mrs. spent the night in a local, somewhat upscale inn.  They came back to our place for lunch and to open presents, then packed everything up, shared hugs and kisses all around, and were off to start their new life together.

As for the Father of the Bride, any reports of him tearing up during the Daddy-Daughter dance might be exaggerated. Any stories of him dancing the Macarena, hokey-pokey, and some slide-slide-slide, kick-kick-kick thing might not be accurate.  Any photographic and video evidence of said behavior might be "photo-shopped".  Or it all might be completely accurate.

It was a wonderful day.  We have a wonderful new son who loves our daughter with all his heart, and wonderful new extended family that comes with him.  Once again we were reminded of how wonderful it is to have such a close family.

D & K - God bless you in your new life.  Know that 'Daddy' will be praying for you.

We are sooo blessed!

Col. 1:9-12,


Melissa, professional photographer and family friend, was once a baby-sitter for our kids.  She gave us permission to post this pic of the bride and groom.


  1. Awww, what a lovely wedding day! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Best wishes to all!

  2. What a happy post. I think you made my day. Very best wishes and abundant blessings to the bride and groom. :)

  3. Mama Pea - Thank you! It was a beautiful day. K is our first to get married and we were definitely novices. The 'rules' have changed so much since De and I were married 32 years age. Everything turned out just like they wanted with a few little hitches (younger of the grand daughters - "I have to pee!" 5 minutes into the wedding and just before the 'whole family' part of the wedding. An aunt came to the rescue.) to make some fun memories.

    Leigh - Thank you! It was absolutely wonderful but 'Daddy' under-estimated the emotional impact of 'losing' his little girl. Still, they were, and are, so happy: I wouldn't change a thing.