Monday, June 2, 2014

Lie like a Dog! (Or is it lay??)

So I've been saving these up for awhile just for the entertainment value.  It's our dog Zyla. 
  • Some dogs have a pedigree so long they can prove beyond any doubt that "great to the umpteenth power" granddad dog nobly kept the raccoons from raiding Mrs. Noah's chickens while at the same time preserving their miserable lives during an extended family cruise.  Not Zyla, she came from the shelter and we have no clue who daddy, momma, or uncle Fido might be.
  • Some dogs have papers so perfect they can make a banking lawyer weep in rapturous delight for a week.  Not Zyla, her parentage is highly questionable at best. She a mix of Black Lab and, ... something. Likely two or three (or four, or five, or ...) somethings, and each of those are likely the result of shoddy backyard fences and low dog morals themselves.
  • Some dogs have risen to hypoxic heights of fame for their boundless dedication and heroic efforts to be forever memorialized in story and song: Lassie, Rin-Tin-Tin, Old Yeller, Toto, Benji, Spuds McKenzie, and Scoobie Doo.  Not Zyla.  And who names their dog 'Zyla' anyway? (Hint: We first brought her home as a companion to an older dog who has since passed on named "Angel".  (Get it?  Angel - Zyla, A-Z?  Hrmmph!  Moving on...)
  • Some dogs are highly trained and can perfectly execute a seemingly infinite host of jaw-dropping dog skills on command.  Not Zyla, unless you include the commands "breathe", "eat", "sleep", "dig", "go swim in the swamp", "beg for attention", and "get into something".  She's got those down pretty well.  
She's a pretty high energy beast, and likes to keep moving much of the day but when she's done for the day, she's DONE.  I mean eyes rolled back, snoring like a chainsaw, tongue lolling out done.  And then it gets,...  well...   odd.

Oh, well.  She's our dog and we love her.  Some things were created for sole purpose a bringing a smile to your face after a hard day for some season in our lives.  I think Zyla falls in that category.  We ARE blessed! 

Good Night, Zyla.  Sweet dog dreams! 

Col. 1:9-12,


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  1. What a fun post, Mark! I think I'd take Zyla over all those pedigreed pooches any day.